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We’re here because more people across the economic spectrum deserve to live secure and rewarding lives.

Property Projects with is engaged primarily in the acquisition, development, renovation, management, and long-term ownership of multifamily, and manufactured housing communities. operates, and manages a portfolio of multifamily communities and manufactured housing communities concentrated in many of the most desirable neighborhoods in countries like Dubai, Bahrain, and Kuwait, e.t.c..

Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service to our residents and to provide value through high quality, attainable housing. We believe that our residents are our customers and we want to provide them the best possible experience and homes. For our investors, our goal is to provide above-market risk adjusted returns that can stand the test of time. We have a long-term ownership horizon, which allows us to make investment decisions that balances durable income, strategic property improvements, and sustainable growth. property assets total over £610 million.specializes in creating real estate investment solutions to create, grow, and protect long-term wealth. We count as valued investors individuals, families, trusts, and separate accounts.

core strength is our English DNA - more years than most of us care to count of long-standing relationships and mutual trust with UK's most prominent real estate families Trading limited specializes in sourcing, acquiring, managing and maximizing institutional grade real estate in prime international markets, typically valued more than £50 million (HK$500 million) per investment Among our investors are many of Asia's most prominent high net worth individuals, institutional investors, developers and sovereign wealth funds. We target prime core and regional cities; throughout the full spectrum of investment in LONDON, EUROPE, US and AUSTRALIA. Our Asian clientele extends from Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Mainland China to Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia, with relationships also in Thailand and IndoChina.

We offer clients the opportunity to co-invest on a single specific transaction (single asset or portfolio's) or a market opportunity on a series of opportunities. The combination of our corporate finance and banking expertise coupled with our local management partners expertise allow us to identify and unlock value and execute the strategy managing the assets going forward

What are the benefits of Real Estate Investment?

  • Generate Wealth and Build Equity

  • The first of many advantages of investing in real estate is the power of equity. When you own a house or piece of property, it naturally appreciates, or increases in value. As you pay the mortgage down and allow the house to appreciate, you build equity. Equity is an asset part of your net worth, making it one of the most straightforward ways to generate wealth. For example, according to FRED, the value of homeowner equity nearly tripled between 2011 and 2022.

  • Reliable Long-term Investment

  • it is a stable investment that continually increases in value

  • Protection From Inflation

  • Properties are rarely impacted by the effects of inflation, which is one of the most valuable benefits of real estate investing in current markets.

  • Rental Properties Provide Passive Income

  • When you invest in real estate, you open the door to generating passive income. As mentioned, property values naturally appreciate, even if you don’t make changes to the property

  • Benefits the Community and Provides Housing

  • When real estate investors buy and repair a dilapidated property, they do much more than simply remove an eyesore. They also provide a new home for residents who need it and ensure that more community members are housed in safe, healthy, clean, and fair conditions.

  • Wide Variety of Investment Options

  • Investing in real estate can mean various things—from buying a single-family property to buying a parcel of land or leasing commercial real estate. The right type of real estate investment will depend on your financial abilities, financial goals, and your lifestyle

  • Effective Means of Saving for College Funds or Retirement

  • Relatively Easy to Finance and Create Leverage

  • Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

  • Freedom, Flexibility and Autonomy

  • Swimming pools

  • Recreational areas

  • Yoga & zen gardens

  • Lush open spaces

  • Leisure & entertainment facilities

  • Supermarkets, shops & convenience stores

  • Cafes & restaurants

  • BBQ areas

  • Green areas & parks

  • Children's play areas

  • Pet-friendlv areas

  • Outdoor movie nights

  • Arts & crafts areas

Meydan is the visionary concept of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Mohammed Bin Rashid City spans more than 54 million square feet and is set to become one of the largest and most significant lifestyle destinations in the heart of new Dubai.

  • Located in MBR City in Meydan

  • Choose from studios, 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments

  • A beautiful crystal lagoon spannina 2.7 km with a private beach and promenade

  • Endless discoveries at the Boulevard walk of 1.2km

  • A variety of retail and F and B themed around the French Riviera

  • Picturesque skyline views of the three world's tallest buildings (Burj Khalifa, Meydan Tower and Dubai Creek Tower)

  • Equestrian and golf facilities on your doorstep

  • 1 MIN Al Khail Road

  • 2 MINS Medan Racecourse

  • 3 MINS Meydan One Mall and Medan Tower

  • 10 MINSFestival City and IKEA

  • 10 MINS Downtown Dubai

  • 10 MINS Sheikh Zayed Road

  • 15 MINS Dubai International Airport (DXB)

  • 22 MINS Palm Jumeriah


Welcome to Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai's health and wellness destination. This modern community is where the past and present meet the future. With it being situated in the very heart of Dubai, on the shores of the iconic Dubai Creek, DHCC grants residents outstanding convenience and access to all that matters.

  • Unit sizes ranging from 310.00 sq. ft to 788.57 sq. ft

  • DHCC welcomes hundreds of thousands of medical visitors every year

  • Easilv accessible to over 200 000 families in its immediate Vicinity

  • Approximately 100,000 homes in the area

  • Limited convenience retail space in the area.


  • 7 MINS Downtown Dubai

  • 1 MIN Al Khail Road

  • 7 MINS Al Jaddaf Waterfront

  • 8 MINS Sheikh Zahedan Road

  • 2 MINS Dubai creek

  • 7 MINS Dubai International Airport

  • 5 MINS Palazzo Versace Hotel

  • 10 MINS Dubai Healthcare City metro station.


  • Over 600 visitor parking spaces

  • Outstanding visibility due to large roads, wide walkways and substantial traffic

  • Exceptional connectivity to Dubai's largest highways

  • A cultural hotspot with families leisurely strolling through

  • Retail unit owners have access to a community management plattorm used by all 20,000+ SCM DHHC owners and tenants, which can be used to communicate with them


Adjacent to the world's tallest twin-tower hotel complex, the 29-storey Merano Tower boasts stunning views of the azure waterways to the front and incredible city views all around.


Merano Tower is close to the enchanting Burj area - an upscale community that's home to the world's tallest skyscraper, biggest mall and Dubai's iconic fountains, to name a few.
Located next door to the Burj area is Business Bay, which shares characteristics with New York's lower Manhattan area. Merano Tower is conveniently located here and offers investors a bustling, exciting lifestyle with an array of things to see and do.


  • Studios as well as one, two and three bedroom apartments

  • Swimming pool

  • State-of-the-art gymnasium

  • Ample parking space

  • Elegant lobby with reception desk

  • Round-the-clock security

  • Manicured landscaping

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